The best remedies for potency in men.

With a deterioration in potency, you should not hide the existing health problem. It is required to consult a specialist in a timely manner and jointly choose an effective conservative treatment. To increase sexual desire, you can use drugs, dietary supplements with herbal composition and other progressive means. There is a certain classification of drugs to increase male potency, which helps to make the right choice and productively restore male strength, finally get rid of the inferiority complex.

What is power

According to the terminology, this is the physiological ability of a man's body to have sex. Potency is often associated with male sexuality, making it an integral part and an important function of the reproductive system. If certain problems prevail in this issue, the man experiences not only physiological symptoms, but also internal discomfort, closes in on himself and hides the disease from others. This physiological dysfunction predominates with age, and men between the ages of 35 and 50 are at risk. It is important to find an effective and safe treatment.

Medicines to increase potency in men.

With prolonged sexual dysfunction, the health problem becomes chronic, it is difficult to treat conservatively. The first step is to identify and eliminate the provoking factor, otherwise the positive dynamics is weak, completely absent. The drugs artificially stimulate an erection, but with systemic or local use, they can cause side effects. Therefore, there are several forms of release of this type of drug, including:

  • tablets
  • capsules
  • injections;
  • creams
  • gels
  • ointments
  • Chinese plasters;
  • Dietary supplement;
  • powder
  • drops;
  • fast-acting tablets.
pills for male potency

Male strength pills

These drugs are intended for oral administration once or for a complete cycle, depending on their functions, they are called "activators" of male power. With the complex use of pills, a stable and long-term therapeutic effect is observed. The pharmacological properties of these drugs are presented below:

  • improvement of the circulatory system;
  • calm the nervous system, get rid of stress and depression;
  • stimulation of metabolic processes at the cellular level;
  • increased male libido;
  • increased production of sex hormones;
  • ensure blood flow to the genitals;
  • strengthening local immunity.

This form of drug release attracts with ease of use and unique pharmacological properties, but due to the systemic action of plant and synthetic components, it can lead to side effects, possible health complications, for example, provoke an attack of high blood pressure and plus. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the contraindications and consult with your doctor.


Such funds are intended for external use, they have practically no contraindications and side effects. Representatives of this form of release are distinguished by a thick consistency, they intensively saturate the skin of the penis with the necessary nutrients for the proper functioning of the genitals. This is a safe treatment, since the active components of the selected drug do not enter the systemic circulation, they act locally on the receptors of the penis and direct the impulses to the brain.

The advantages of such a drug prescription abound: minimal risk of heart attacks, fast action, no cases of overdose. The main disadvantages of this form of release are the selective therapeutic effect, the difficulty of acquiring a drug for its potency in a pharmacy, and not always an affordable price. To significantly prolong sexual intercourse, you can use drugs in the form of topical creams.


This form of release of funds to empower appeals with its simplicity and ease of use in everyday life. According to the principle of action, sprays not only prolong sexual intercourse, but also significantly improve the quality of sex, do not cause the so-called "addictive effect". Among the advantages of this liquid is the natural process of ejaculation, a positive effect on the muscles of the pelvic organs. The disadvantage is the selective therapeutic effect.

Natural preparations

Most men, when choosing the best remedies for potency, give preference to herbal and natural formulations with a minimal list of contraindications and side effects. With such therapy, cases of overdose are not terrible, and for the most part, drug interactions are completely absent.

Quick action tools

Many men are only interested in the best remedy for potency from the pharmacy, effective in the presence of all stages of the disease. To eliminate sexual disorder, to control the ejaculation process, to ensure an increase in the time of sexual intercourse, you can use fast-acting drugs.

Sildenafil-based preparations - the desired effect is obtained due to the active flow of blood into the corpus cavernosum of the penis, as a result of which natural arousal can be maintained for a single hour. The tablet should be drunk approximately 1 hour before intercourse and the therapeutic effect lasts for 4 hours. After the specified interval, you can repeat the dose, but remember the danger of overdose. Advantages - fast action, disadvantage - high price.

Cheap remedy

Some men are confused with the price of the item, as certain pharmacological positions are not cheap. You can save a lot, because the pharmacy has "erection stimulants" at low prices. They do not work worse, but they also require prior consultation with a specialist.

Dietary supplements

These dietary supplements are not official drugs, but they also provide a long-lasting hardening effect for the penis. The composition is dominated only by herbal components - herbs, extracts, extracts that increase erection without excessive stress on the heart and with minimal risk of developing heart attacks.

The best remedy for potency.

To increase male strength, you can use testosterone in ampoules at a price of 250 to 5, 000 rubles per ampoule, depending on the manufacturer. Such conservative treatment should be discussed first with an andrologist, urologist, without violating the prescribed daily standards. The injections provide almost instant results, but if desired, you can replace the injections with testosterone ointments and creams. Its action on the male body is somewhat weaker.

The main criteria for choosing a suitable pharmacological position are as follows:

  1. Release form. Pills and injections work faster, ointments, gels, and creams show poorer results.
  2. Final score. Some drugs have a cumulative effect and do not immediately demonstrate a positive result of treatment, while others provide an instant effect on the focus of the pathology.
  3. Application mode. If sexual intercourse is planned in an hour, it is better to buy pills with a fast-acting effect; and only then receive complex treatment for impotence.
  4. Special instructions. In this case, before buying, you should carefully study the instructions, placing special emphasis on such points as side effects, overdose, contraindications and drug interactions.
  5. Manufacturer and price. You should not save on the purchase, it is better to buy a certified drug and not doubt its pharmacological properties.
how to choose a drug to increase potency

Drug classification

Patient reviews help determine the list of effective remedies that are best for increasing erectile function. The rating given below is required for information only, and when choosing a drug, you should consult individually with a competent specialist.

The most effective home remedies.

Alternative medicine methods also help to solve such an itchy health problem, and in the shortest possible time and without harming the patient's health. The main thing is to choose means and recipes that do not provoke a relapse of the underlying disease in the male body, for example, it is better to refuse to attract honey in case of diabetes mellitus. Below are the food ingredients that help restore male strength and health with minimal financial cost. It doesn't hurt to consult with a therapist beforehand.


Waste products from bees improve erection, increase sperm quality, accelerate the production of sex hormones, restore male strength and the functions of the reproductive system. The most powerful aphrodisiac is chestnut and lime honey, which increase libido almost instantly. You can also use varieties of jasmine and flowers, orchid honey. To enhance the effect, doctors recommend mixing this unique product with chopped walnuts, take 2 tsp. per day. As an emergency measure, it is better to involve medication.


The root of this plant has healing properties, which can be used to prepare water decoctions and alcoholic infusions. Ginseng not only arouses sexual desire in a man, it can also prolong sexual intercourse, improve orgasm brightness, and eliminate an inferiority complex. It is an independent or auxiliary agent in the complex treatment of reproductive dysfunction.

In addition to the positive effect on potency, in this way it is possible to improve sperm quality and improve reproductive function, as part of a complex therapy to cure diagnosed infertility. For example, 50 g of ginseng root is required to pour 500 ml of vodka and leave for 2 weeks. Take 1 tablespoon. l. before meals twice a day. The course of therapy is up to 3-4 weeks.


The walnut helps restore male strength, and these fruits don't even need to be cooked as part of a popular recipe. You only need to include walnuts in the daily diet, use them pre-peeled, fresh. If we talk about traditional medicines, below are the proven recipes for men's health:

  1. It is necessary to combine 2 parts of flower honey with 1 part of chopped walnuts. Grind the resulting composition, put it in a glass container, cover with a lid, store in the refrigerator. Eat on an empty stomach 2 to 3 times a day, 1 to 2 tablespoons. l.
  2. First, you need to grind green walnuts, put them in a glass container, pour vodka (500 ml per 2 tablespoons of raw materials). The tincture should be infused in a dark place for 3 months, then taken orally 50 g daily at night.